1. MNP Information Service is a facility provided by SKMM that enable the public to check their mobile number status whether it belongs in the same network operator or otherwise.
  2. Please be informed that permitted attempt for query is limited to 20 times per number

Steps to do the checking

  1. Select the initial number from the dropdown list
  2. Fill in the first number in the Call From textbox and the second number to compare in the Call To textbox
  3. Fill in the captcha code in the captcha textbox
  4. Click on the 'Search' button
  5. Below is the Result Message that will be displayed accordingly to the search result
Code Description Displayed Message
Successful Query OnNet Result: The numbers are from the same mobile operator as at <date>, <time>
Successful Query OffNet Result: The numbers are from different mobile operator as at <date>, <time>
Connection Issue Our apology. The system is temporarily offline.
Attempt Exceeded The number of attempts exceeded the maximum number permitted.